What We Do

To make sure you can trust our work, we treat every project as if it was being done in our own home, and we’d expect the best service and results, which is what we aim to provide to every client. By working with you, we can fully understand what you want to achieve and work out how best to deliver that result to you.

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Coloured Concrete

We use plain concrete with the colour hardener of your choice, within the colour range, to create this simple, yet elegant look for your home. We can also mix the colour of your choice, within our colour range, directly into the concrete for a sturdier, more solid look.

Exposed Aggregate

The top range in exposed aggregate is done with one of numerous designs, in the aggregate of your choice. Exposed aggregate offers different stone types, including quartz type pebbles, granites, bluestone, colourful river pebbles and beautifully coloured sand pebbles.


Pathways and walkways are necessary areas to and around your home. The pathways generally begin at the driveway and are there to prevent any of the dirt from being tracked into your home and messing up the floors. Concrete pathways are generally in place to walk to the backyard.

About Our Company

Concreters Melbourne

Honest. Professional. Experienced

With over 20 years in the business of construction, Aqualitalia Concrete Contractors are there to create any concrete or exposed aggregate landscape you could want for your home or business. We will listen to your ideas; make a suggestion if requested and plan the work the way you would want it done.

We are the best concreters Melbourne has to offer, thanks to our years working in the industry and dedication to making sure you get the results you want whenever you hire us. By working across Melbourne, we’ve gained valuable expertise we put to work for you.

Our experience covers residential, commercial and industrial properties, where we provide the best concrete flooring solutions to meet, and exceed, your expectations so you’re completely satisfied. It’s this approach that has allowed us to become to the go-to name for concreters in Melbourne, which is a reputation we aim to keep.

Commercial Concrete Services

We offer the best in commercial concrete work and can create retaining walls, slabs, steps, and car parks. We can place larger concrete materials, and our team can handle jobs of any size.

Commercial Concrete Types

Large Slabs- large slab work is done primarily in factories, industrial complexes, mechanic’s shops and schools. Just provide us with a copy of the building plans and an in-depth assessment of the job and we will give you a fair, competitive price. We work with our customers to give them structural packages or labour alone, as required.

Basements and Carparks- These are necessary for multistorey buildings or for factories, and we are well experienced in this kind of work. We can advise you on how the job needs to be approached and will determine drainage falls and reinforcements as necessary. We will advise you on the thickness required for the job and ensure you get all the details before the work begins.

Placing Concrete- Our team can provide you with a package for concrete placement only, if that is all you need. We can give you a burnt concrete floor with a unique look, and our rates are designed to be affordable and competitive. Give us a call to find out how much money we can save you and how soon we can have the job done for you.

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