What We Do


We use plain concrete with the colour hardener of your choice, within the colour range, to create this simple, yet elegant look for your home. We can also mix the colour of your choice, within our colour range, directly into the concrete for a sturdier, more solid look.

Exposed Aggregate

The top range in exposed aggregate is done with one of numerous designs, in the aggregate of your choice. Exposed aggregate offers different stone types, including quartz type pebbles, granites, bluestone, colourful river pebbles and beautifully coloured sand pebbles.


Pathways and walkways are necessary areas to and around your home.  The pathways generally begin at the driveway and are there to prevent any of the dirt or elements from being tracked into your home and messing up the floors.

About Our Company


With over 20 years in the business of construction, Aqualitalia Concrete Contractors are there to create any concrete or exposed aggregate landscape you could want for your home or business. We will listen to your ideas; make a suggestion if requested and plan the work the way you would want it done.

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