Coloured Concrete

We use plain concrete with the colour hardener of your choice, within the colour range, to create this simple, yet elegant look for your home. We can also mix the colour of your choice, within our colour range, directly into the concrete for a sturdier, more solid look. Coloured concrete driveways can give you the stunning results you desire. This is not a utilitarian effect; rather it is seen as an aesthetic enhancement for your driveway or walking path. The coloured hardener is the method that provides a stronger, more durable and brighter concrete surface. Using the integral colour method will put a limit on your choices you have for colour.

Our Process

The process is to excavate the area, box it in and reinforce it with steel bars. Next we pour in the prepared concrete. With this style, you can have the saw cut expansion joints or we can do hand grooved expansion joints, the choice is all yours. The joints are made at recommended points. Expansion joints are recommended to prevent any lifting or cracking of concrete in extreme hot or cold temperatures. The joint cut must be made at the proper depth in order to guide any crack that may appear after many years.

Our customers most often choose the Earthy tones in the colour palate. Colours such as charcoal, bluestone, terra cotta or black; which are just some of the colour choices given to you. We are able to use either a stipple finish or the smooth non slip finish. Stipple finish means that it will end with a textured or shadowed appearance. The stipple appearance is good for those areas prone to any slight icing or freezing, as it helps with a non-slip texture. Choosing a colour is usually simple; this is based on the exterior of your home and quite possibly the surrounding landscaping. Either option will give you a finished appearance that others can only dream about.

When creating the expansion joints, the choice is again what you, the customer prefers. We can hand groove the joints or saw cut the expansion joints at the recommended points. We highly recommend the high quality sealer to give you a more lustrous look and appearance to your project. The sealer can be put on as a stipple finish, smooth finish or with the broom finish. When using the broom finish, this will provide a lined texture when completed. Coloured concrete gives you a much nicer appearance than plain concrete and is one of the most affordable solutions to give you the high taste impression of your home.

The coloured concrete method will generally take two to three days on average, from start to finish.