Stencilled Concrete

Stencil concrete driveway is a brick pavement look. We use a stencil on top of the poured concrete and then we put a coloured surface hardener on top of that. The colour of your choice will be made within the coloured concrete range. Stencilled concrete driveway gives your home a higher value and great look, that will impress everyone. The stencilled concrete driveway look will add an air of classy quality and have people remember this look and want to emulate the style of your home. There is a selection of stencilled looks to choose from.

Our Process

We begin with the same general process. We excavate and box in the area. We will add the reinforced steel and then pour the concrete. We place the stencil on top and use the colour of your choice on top of the stencil aid. We finish with normally a non-slip finish, which could be a stipple, or texture rolled as the surface is hardened. When the stencil is pulled off, it gives you a quality finished appearance. Any extra concrete is blown off using a petrol blower. We saw cut the expansion joints to the required points. We do recommend using a high quality, long lasting concrete sealer, which protects the completed project for years to come.