For high-quality permeable paving Melbourne residents trust, Aqualitalia is the answer. This form of paving has many benefits, the most obvious being that water can pass through and drain effectively under the pavement without pooling in inconvenient places. While there are many patterns and styles permeable paving in Melbourne can take, most resemble normal pathways in their appearance and are durable to handle the heavy footfall it will endure.

Permeable paving in Melbourne is made with concrete comprised of large aggregates, with little to none in the way of fine aggregates. The concrete past coats the aggregates, leaving channels for water to pass through each slab. The ratio of large to fine aggregates can vary depending on how permeable you want the slabs to be, but our expertise will help you find the right balance and make sure you get the best results.

Permeable Concrete Driveways

We can help provide robust permeable concrete driveways that Melbourne properties can rely on for years to come at Aqualitalia. By choosing this type of concrete for your driveway, you can be sure that no water is going to gather to the side of the drive or pool in an inconvenient place. A good channel underneath permeable concrete driveways will allow water to drain efficiently without causing damage to your driveway – although regular cleaning will make sure the draining is at it’s best.

To find out more about permeable paving in Melbourne, contact our team at Aqualitalia today and learn what we can do to help your situation.

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