Pathways and walk ways are necessary areas to and around your home. These concrete pathways prevent people from having to walk in dirt or mud, and any other mess in your yard. The concrete pathways generally begin at the driveway and are there to prevent any of the dirt or elements from being tracked into your home and messing up the floors. Concrete pathways are generally in place to walk to the backyard, the clothesline or the shed in your yard, without tracking dirt from the yard. Coloured concrete pathways also add an air of elegance to your home and surroundings.

Coloured Concrete Pathways can be a designed as per your choice or you are welcome to select one of our recommendations. To build the coloured concrete pathways of your choice we offer various finishes, textures, colours and patterns to choose from. If you have an exposed aggregate driveway, you may wish to continue the impression on the pathways also. Any design and look from your driveway will be well served to carry throughout the yard on the pathways. Pathways are meant to be smooth and we create yours with smooth, finished edges for the convenience of gardening or landscaping.

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