Slate Impression

If you want a beautiful concrete impression or the stately appearance, then Slate Impression is another great offering we give you. This style will add the character and an elegant look to your home, but is for the budget minded homeowner. Slate impression on concrete gives a luxurious finish that is low maintenance. The concrete slate impression accurately depicts slate or stone. This method is an affordable replication of slate tile.


The process is the general recommended practice for any concrete work. We begin by excavating and boxing the area, and then we add the reinforced steel. We pour the concrete in using an impression mate, for the slate stone appearance. When dry, we will saw cut the expansion joints to the recommended points. To finish, we will wash real well and use a high quality concrete sealer, to give a polished, shiny look.

The entire process will generally take between three to five days for completion. This look is sure to make you smile every day. This is one selection you would not regret due to the impression of actual slate, which is highly popular.