Our exposed aggregate concrete in Melbourne takes three to four days to make and implement but the results for Aqualitalia cannot be denied. The quality, durability and reliability you’ll receive by choosing this material makes the work worthwhile and it certainly adds a whole new level to your property. The process we use starts with excavating the ground and boxing it in, adding reinforced steel and then we lay the concrete, with a focus on the detail of the surface. This is followed by cutting in expansion joints where required, an avid wash to give the stones a cleaner, nice appearance and finished with a high-quality concreate sealer to give long-lasting shine and protection.

The process for exposed aggregate concrete in Melbourne reflects its status but we also have plain concrete solutions, too. This is more of a budget option but is used by a range of customers who need a quality, functional driveway without detracting from the rest of their property.

Exposed Aggregate Driveways Melbourne

For the best exposed aggregate concrete driveways Melbourne residents love, Aqualitialia is the answer. We provide these driveways with one of numerous designs, in the aggregate of your choice. Exposed aggregate offers different stone types, including quartz type pebbles, granites, bluestone, colourful river pebbles and beautifully coloured sand pebbles. Any of these choices will benefit your home by adding value and distinction, and you can choose the look the best matches your style. Exposed aggregate concrete driveways in Melbourne add sparkle and shine to your home, making it one that everyone who visits you will remember for years to come.

To find out more about exposed aggregate concrete driveways in Melbourne, get in touch with our team at Aqualitalia today.

Our Process

Exposed aggregate is done to give the long lasting effect and give you the quality and reliability that you pay for. We begin by excavating the ground and boxing it in. We will then add and use reinforced steel. We will lay down the concrete and focus our attention on every detail of the surface. We next lay down a retarder to expose the top of the concrete with an aggregate that will be washed off in the next 24 hours to give you the finished look for your concrete. The next step is to cut in expansion joints where the points require. After this is finished, we acid wash the area to give the stones a cleaner, nicer appearance. We then use a high-quality concrete sealer to give a long lasting shine and protection to the concrete. This process will take generally three to four days to complete.

Exposed aggregate is the most popular choice for those, who have a high taste, who want their home to stand out and sparkle against all others. On the other end of the budget spectrum is the plain concrete. The plain concrete is for the budget minded individual, who might want a simple appearance to their home. This works well for the homes that have a lavish look to the home itself and may want to allow the building to stand out, rather than just the drive and pathways.